11 Feb 2016

Paper bags making machine Windmoller&Holscher mounted

To embrace new challenges, our Company within the period from November 9 to December 12, 2015 assembled a paper bags production line. These paper bags are designed for construction materials. Within the premises of the plant under construction Segezhskaya Upakovka in Salsk, Rostovskaya Oblast, together with German installation supervisors from Repack company, our specialists unloaded Windmoller&Holscher equipment (Germany), shifted it to the workshop and installed it there. All the activities followed the schedule and met the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

25 Dec 2015

Printing press ONYX mounted within the premises of the Segezhskaya Upakovka plant under construction

Within the period from December 5 to December 25, 2015 our specialists on request from OOO GlavStroyProject (Rostov) mounted printing press ONYX (Italy) within the premises of Segezhskaya Upakovka Plant under construction in Salsk, Rostovskaya Oblast. Gantry system GP125 was used for the operations. The distinctive feature of this project was lifting of a 15-m bridge connecting the sections of the printing press.

09 Aug 2011

Монтаж печатной машины для ИД „Кирьянов“

В конце июля нашими специалистами был выполнен комплекс работ установке печатной машины Sakurai Oliver 466SI весом 13 тонн в ИД «Кирьянов». Была выполнена разгрузка с трала, внос в помещение, монтаж машины и пуско-наладочные работы.

Работы были осложнены небольшой шириной проемов и тесным пространством цеха.

01 Jul 2011

Printing machine MAN Uniset 70 relocation

At the end of June we have completed relocation works of printing machine MAN Uniset 70 from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk (printing shop “PIK offset”). The customer was company manroland AG (Germany). Company 100tonn-service has performed the whole set of equipment mechanical parts dismantling, moving out, packaging, loading on trucks and further mounting.

6 engineers have used gantry system GP125H and trailer (lifting capacity 40 tons) for works execution. The project was accomplished in contract terms. Our work was highly appreciated both by the customer – company manroland AG and the equipment buyer – printing house “PIK offset”.