About us

Nowadays «100 TONN MONTAGE» is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in the technological equipment installation that works successfully either in near or far-abroad countries. Our main work areas are the technological equipment installation, the rigging of any complexity, the industrial equipment dismantlement, the semi-knocked down assembly, the relocation of equipment, plants, and factories, the rigging equipment renting.

In 2019 our company celebrated its 17th birthday. During this time we have carried out more than 1000 projects in various industrial sectors and gained large working experience with a wide range of technological equipment: from the dismantlement and installation of heavy pressing machines and the assembly of furnaces weighing more than 500 tons to the installation of complicated technological lines and paper-making machines on a turn-key basis. You can learn more about the finished projects in your industrial sector on our website in “Completed projects”.

Our company’s installation services are in high demand because the specialists from “100 TONN MONTAGE” possess large experience of carrying out the complicated installation projects on a turn-key basis in almost every industrial sector and our company has its own stock of hydraulic equipment from Holland and Germany that is constantly updated to meet the requirements of the market.

“100 TONN MONTAGE” is extremely proud of possessing the largest stock of hydraulic gantry systems in Russia: we have more than 10 gantries with the capacity from 8 to 1100 tons. Moreover, the company has a sufficient number of various installation and rigging equipment:

  • displacement systems;
  • trailers and carts (trucks) with the capacity up to 120 tons;
  • hydraulic turntables;
  • cranes and forklifts;
  • rail tracks, beams, supporting elements;
  • and other specialized equipment and facilities.

We also have manual lifting devices for installing the equipment of relatively low weight:

  • tackles;
  • winches;
  • polyblasts;
  • mechanical and hydraulic jacks;
  • other special facilities.

Our long-term operational experience and modern technologies allow us to install equipment of any weight and dimensions to within 1 mm.

A whole project team elaborates accurately on every project, using the large experience of the company. Our engineers upgrade their qualifications constantly. It is really convenient to collaborate with us, as we do not prompt to make any changes after the project’s elaboration and we do not force to adopt any amendments to the contract.

Rational and well-calculated price policy distinguishes “100 TONN MONTAGE” from other equipment installation companies. It makes our services demanded in every industrial sector. Last year alone our company carried out more than 100 projects for various enterprises in different regions of Russia and CIS.

We will make an equipment installation for your company in any place of Russia or CIS. Within a short time, we will send a sufficient number of staff mounters and engineers, bring all the equipment and facilities needed to the site, and, if necessary, create a mobile camp.

You can learn an approximate cost of equipment installation services for your company quickly and for free by sending a request via our website:

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    The operating centers and offices of “100 TONN MONTAGE” are situated in the major cities of Russia. You can contact the project leaders via our website or by telephone in Contacts.

    We are pleased to see that our knowledge and work contribute to the industrial development of Russia and other countries. We are looking forward to collaborating with your company and sharing with you all the experience we have. Contact us!