22 Jul 2016

Turning-and-boring machine dismantled, shifted and installed in Nizhny Tagil

In April 2016 our Company dismantled a 15-25 turning-and-boring machine at the production site of EVRAZ NTMK (EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant, OAO) in Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovskaya Oblast).

Lifting capacity of the available overhead cranes turned to be insufficient for the required operations, therefore a GP 60 gantry system with special tools was applied for the works. The works were accomplished in four stages: dismantling, transportation, installation and setting to work under supervision of EVRAZ NTMK specialists. It should be noted that prior to set the machine to work, the CUSTOMER’s land-surveyor had developed an as-built drawing for installation of the machine parts, which led to ideal installation of the machine.

15 Jul 2016

AVURE press HIP system installed

Our Company has completed another stage of installation works of a gasostatic press for Komposit (AO) in Korolyev. Our installation specialists under supervision of Swedish specialists from Avure Technologies assembled the machine and set it to work (partially; next stage covers the installation of the external part and setting to work of the whole system). This stage of operations was successfully completed in due time. Small remark: Avure field engineers take part in the project best photo competition. Our supervisors put a chessboard on an upper lock of the machine and played chess there.

11 Jul 2016

Bosch heating boilers installed in Kazakhstan (video)

Please, find hereby a video filmed in Kazakhstan showing the process of unloading and installation of five Bosch heating boilers (86 tons each). The video was filmed on request from our partners Instar Logistics.

08 Jul 2016

Turn-key installation of Independent Gas-fired Power Plant

In October 2015 our specialists accomplished turn-key mechanical installation of Independent Gas-fired Power Plant within the premises of Angstrem-T Plant in Zelenograd (Moscow). The project was implemented within 13 months. It consisted of the following operations: unloading and installation of five Wartsila gas plants (total weight in assembled condition 180 tons each), installation and laying of oil system pipes, diesel fuel supply system, water cooling system, exhaust system and pressurization system. The equipment for heat-recovery system and boiler-house was also installed. Within the framework of starting-up and adjustment, all the systems and pipelines were rinsed, pickled and tested.

Technological equipment for the power plant was developed and supplied by Finnish Concern Wartsila. The equipment for the boiler-house was supplied by Buderus.

03 Jul 2016

SOLAR furnace prepared for installation in Yaroslavskaya Oblast

Some parts of the Solar furnace were prepared for installation at one of the machine-building companies of Yaroslavskaya Oblast. Despite a relatively low weight of the furnace elements (not more than 7 tons), the works had to be executed in a very confined space without any permanently installed load-lifting mechanisms. The use of a gantry system enabled us to set the half-rings of the furnace on foundation and prepare the furnace door with the frame and mechanism for installation.

19 Jun 2016

HAEUSLER bending machine dismantled and loaded

On December 9, 2015 our installation specialists (100 TONN MONTAZH) quickly dismantled a three-roll Haeusler VRM 3.0 bending machine (rolls). A 43-ton monoblock of the bending machine was lifted from the pit, turned into the loading direction and loaded onto a vehicle. The Customer highly appreciated our approach to work and the level of performance.

14 Jun 2016

Melting furnace and three casting machines set to final position in Karelia

Our specialists (100 TONN MONTAZH) unloaded a 26-ton melting furnace (Marconi, Italy) and three casting machines (32 tons each, Buhler Druckguss AG) from the loaders and set them to final position in Nadvoitsy, Republic of Karelia.
The works were rather difficult for execution due to the arrival of the equipment in breach of the sequence stipulated in the Agreement, as well as due to the presence of a large number of technological channels (pits). Nevertheless, all the works were accomplished on a professional level in due time. See section Projects for more details.

04 Jun 2016

Equipment lifted and held in suspended position to carry out repair operations at Voronezh Cable Plant

On May, 26 our specialists (100 TONN MONTAZH) completed the lifting works and the works of holding the equipment in suspended position during repair operations with preservation of geometric integrity of the equipment.

Since the equipment of the customer represented a complicated system consisting of five axial wheels, lifting and preservation of geometry required slings of the same length. Mass-dimensional characteristics of the load were 9,000х4,000х3,000 mm, mass 25 tons. Holding the equipment in suspended position was carried out by means of a GP125 gantry system, which enabled the customer to fulfill repair operations in the shortest possible time with no production downtime.