Two ceramic presses EVO relocated and installed in Yekaterinburg

    Two presses EVO 3608/1800 SITI unloaded, relocated into the workshop and set into the pit

    In September 2017 on request from Zavod keramicheskikh izdely (Ceramic plant, PAO) our Company unloaded two ceramic presses EVO 3608/1800 SITI from low loaders, relocated them into the workshop, tipped into vertical position and set them into the pit. Mass of one machinery unit is 65,000 kg.

    Vygruzka pressa EVO s avtomobilnogo trala 768x576

    Project operations

    Our engineers and assembly workers executed the following operations within the framework of this project:

    • Elaboration of the Work Production Plan.
    • Installation of the GP125 gantry system.
    • Installation of the GP500 gantry system.
    • Press unloading from low loaders.
    • Press relocation into the workshop to the installation site.
    • 90-degree turn of the presses.
    • Press tipping into vertical position.
    • Press setting into the pit on a foundation.
    • Press leveling.

    Rigging operations

    Low loaders with the machinery could not enter the workshop, therefore our specialists unloaded the presses with the help of the GP125 gantry system outside the workshop at the platform in front of it. Then the presses were relocated into the workshop by means of special vehicles.   By means of the GP500 gantry system they were relocated and turned to 90 degrees inside the workshop. Then they were tipped into vertical position and set on a foundation.

    Machinery involved at the site

    Our specialists operated own hydraulic gantries and 120-ton-capacity rigging trolleys. Deployment of the GP500 gantry system made it possible to accomplish all the operations inside the workshop in a safe way, including press tipping.

    Peculiarities of the operations at the site

    During relocation and installation of the press machinery our specialists faced the following challenges:

    • Size of the area in front of the workshop gates insufficient for low loaders’ maneuvering.
    • Small size of the area inside the workshop insufficient for fulfillment of all the required operations with the presses.
    • The problem of the machinery allocation at the installation site caused by small size of the area.

    The works were performed at an operating manufacturing facility. The operation areas were taped off. The machinery underwent thorough calibration check before rigging operations. The works were supervised by an OEM engineer whose shift costs considerable money.

    Our specialists had to respond quickly to any alterations of the timelines concerning delivery of the presses for unloading. The works inside the workshop were accomplished in confined space, and our specialists had to act swiftly. 4 specialists were involved in the operations at the site. Their experience and skills allowed them to accomplish the tasks set forward by the Customer quickly, successfully and within the prescribed time limits.

    How safety precautions and low cost were achieved

    Our engineers developed quite complicated Work Production Plan that described in details possible allocation of the machinery required for safe and well-timed execution of the works.

    To relocate the presses to the workshop we engaged special vehicles, i.e. our own modular trailer with pivoting wheels.  To optimize allocation and to fulfill all the required operations with the presses, including their tipping, a 500-ton-capacity gantry system was engaged. The engagement of the gantry system made it possible to perform rigging operations, as no truck crane with required load capacity could enter the premises and be deployed there.

    Our Company has considerable expertise in assembling presses of different types, produced by different manufacturers. Over 15 years of work we have installed and assembled more than 70 presses in different industrial sectors.

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