17 Feb 2017

BBM Kautex blow machine dismantled, packed and loaded onto a vehicle

Our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) together with the SCHOLPP Iberica specialists dismantled, packed and loaded some parts of the BBM Kautex blow machine onto a vehicle. The maximum weight of one piece of the machinery is 56 tonnes. A 125-ton-capacity hydraulic gantry system was applied for lowering of the blow machine platform and loading of the platform and joining unit onto a vehicle. All the works were accomplished within the time lines prescribed by the Customer.

26 Jan 2017

Works accomplished for BOSCH in Samara

Our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) successfully accomplished relocation, packaging and loading of the parts of a production line for BOSCH in Samara. The parts were loaded into 40 ft containers. Industrial packaging and securing of the goods were carried out at a professional level with application of special materials used for cargo protection during sea transportation.

05 Sep 2016

Automatic molding machines and presses installed at NVH Rus, LLC

In the period from 9 AUG to 5 SEP 2016, our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) unloaded six INJECTION M/C 1800 TONN automatic molding machines and two FORM’G PRESS presses with heating furnace, unpacked, and installed them within the premises of NVH Rus, LLC in St.Petersburg, one of the suppliers of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus. The works were performed at an operating plant under pressure of time.
Despite unforeseen changes introduced by the Customer, the works were accomplished with high quality in due time.

01 Aug 2016

BOSCH production line relocated from Brazil to Russia

Our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) relocated a production line from Brazil to Russia for BOSCH. The machinery for power steering production line was dismantled, packed and loaded into 40 ft containers in Brazil, then successfully delivered to BOSCH, Samara, Russia and installed there.

16 Jun 2016

SIMPAC-based precision blanking system installation

On June 15, 2016 mechanical press SIMPAC (Korea, model MC2-500) being part of a precision blanking system was successfully unloaded from vehicles, shifted to the installation site and assembled at the Czech Brano Group Vehicle Components Plant in Kstovo, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast. Gantry system GP-125 was used for the press installation. Due to limited ceiling height, the tension rods were installed simultaneously with the installation of the press head on a foundation (such an installation scheme was applied for the first time ever). The tension rods were tightened and the monoblock underwent precision check. The Customer expressed his gratitude to our installation workers for their team work and professionalism.

24 May 2016

Machining centre installed in Samara

Robert Bosch (Samara) has been collaborating with our Company for a long time. This time our Company installed another GROB machining centre (Germany) at the plant. This is the third centre installed at the plant with our help. The mass of the machining centre is 24 tons.

15 May 2016

Body fabrication shop rearranged due to changes introduced into the technological process of Toyota Motor, OOO in St.Petersburg

Rearrangement of the equipment was successfully completed at Toyota Motor (OOO) in St.Petersburg as per the Agreement with Toyota Tsusho Rus. Our installation specialists worked 24 hours a day during national holidays in May to change technological layout. They dismantled, shifted, installed, connected water, air and power supply to welding machines, drill jigs and hemming presses in the door welding zone.

23 Feb 2016

Press HYUNDAI-Rotem 2300T mounted

In October-November 2015 on request from Jeil Industrial Machines (South Korea) our Company unloaded a 2,300 ton-force HYUNDAI-Rotem press (South Korea) and completed its SKD assembly at the production site of HYUNDAI (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus) plant in St.Petersburg. Total weight of the ready-assembled main press frame was 180 tonnes. Total duration of unloading operations and SKD assembly operations did not exceed 3 weeks.

24 Dec 2015

Manufacturing lines relocated in Syzran

In August 2015 our Company (100 TONNE MONTAGE) dismantled, relocated and mounted pouring and thermoforming lines at Avtokomponent Plant in Syzran. The works had to be accomplished within short timelines during AvtoVAZ company holidays (Customer of Avtokomponent Plant).

The following operations were carried out within the framework of the project: cases of the pouring modules were took to pieces, gantry robots and presses were dismantled; then they were loaded onto transport trolleys, shifted into a new workshop, assembled and mounted. Thermoforming lines were
also dismantled, loaded onto transport trolleys, shifted into a new workshop and mounted. All the works were accomplished in due time.

24 Feb 2015

Press line Hyundai unloaded and assembled in Izhevsk

In the period from December 12, 2014 to January 5, 2015 our Company unloaded and assembled oversized heavy parts of the press line (Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea) within the territory of IzhAvto plant (OAG) in Izhevsk.
Total weight of the ready-assembled main press frame was 220 tonnes, lifting height – 11 m. The oversized heavy parts of the press line were unloaded from the transport vehicle and immediately assembled to final position, which was a distinctive feature of the project. Such mode of operation allowed our specialists to complete the work nearly a week ahead of schedule. Gantry system GP1100 was used for operations.