06 Mar 2017

Plywood grinding line dismantled

On request from one of the leading Russian lumber factories, our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) dismantled, packed, loaded and relocated a Satos-22 K+NN-based plywood grinding line to a new site (grinding machine, Steinemann Technology AG). Aspiration machinery (filters, fans, lock feeders, air ducts, Scheuch GmbH (Austria) was also dismantled. Total mass of the dismantled equipment is more than 100 tonnes. The machinery has been delivered to the Customer’s site. As usual, the works were successfully accomplished in due time.

11 Nov 2016

SMART-PEEL RAUTE 5 ft peeling line installed in Verkhnyay Sinyachikha (Sverdlovskaya Oblast)

In the period from June to November 2016, our Company installed SMART-PEEL RAUTE 5 ft peeling line for SVEZA Verkhnaya Sinyachikha Company. This is a complex machine for peeling logs during plywood production. To install the machine at an operating plant, our specialists applied unique techniques of rigging the peeling line elements, including those that were developed specifically for this case as this line crossed two operating conveyors. The implementation of this project required complicated installation operations in compliance with the OEM recommendations. Introduction of this line into existing technological process also turned out to cause some problems. The works were successfully accomplished due to the use of modern rigging and proper engineering evaluation. SMART-PEEL RAUTE 5 ft peeling line has already been set to work.

24 May 2016

Rigging operations for shifting Dieffenbacher press parts

Within the period from May, 10 to May 24, 2016 our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) lifted and shifted Dieffenbacher press parts (total mass of about 700 tons) within the premises of Kronospan factory in Electrogorsk, Moskovskaya Oblast. All the works were performed within the framework of Dieffenbacher press upgradation project.

Our design bureau (100 TONN MONTAZH) developed a unique slinging technology for the press parts that was approved by the manufacturer’s representative. GP500 gantry system was used for the operations. The works were performed as per a demanding schedule elaborated together with the equipment manufacturer and Kronospan factory. The plant is at full production at the moment.

23 Jun 2015

Manipulator lifted and slewing ring replaced at Kronospan factory in Moskovskaya oblast

In the period from 16 to 19 June 2015 our Company lifted and shifted Abrofer AF711e manipulator (total mass of 30 tonnes), dismantled and mounted a slewing ring of the manipulator with its further installation within the premises of Kronospan factory in Yegorievsk, Moskovskaya Oblast. All the works were carried out at the height of 8 meters. As a long-term halting of the equipment was not feasible, the works were performed 24 hours a day. At the moment the manipulator continues its operation at the production.

20 Mar 2015

Dryer lifted up in Yegorievsk

In March 2015 our Company carried out works for Kronospan factory in Yegorievsk, Moskovskaya Oblast. A 450-tonne dryer had to be lifted up and held in order to replace a roller carriage. For that, the dryer was taken out of service and each lay day caused significant damages to the factory. Within two days from the first contact with the Customer, an agreement was concluded, lifting equipment was delivered, and our experienced assembly workers arrived to the factory from Yekaterinburg. Repairs were successfully completed within short time.