30 Oct 2013

Newest metallurgical equipment Kumera installed for Karabashmed

In October 2013 our Company replaced technological equipment at the production site of ZAO Karabashmed (Karabash, Chelyabinskaya region).

The first stage of works included dismantling (removing from the foundation and shifting to a loading site) of an old 344-tonne holding furnace АПМ-1-140. The second stage consisted of shifting a rotary holding furnace KUMERA (Finland) from the pre-assembly and lining site (to a distance of about 80 m) and setting it on a foundation (a special support roller construction). Its weight at the moment of installation was equal to 516 tonnes, which is a record in terms of installation of one unit in the history of our Company existence.
All the works were accomplished within the prescribed time limits. Unique engineering solutions applied during the work enabled the Client to fulfill repair furnace replacement operations in the shortest possible time.

23 Sep 2013

Machines dismantled, transported and mounted in Sverdlovskaya Region

Within the period from July, 15 to July 28 on request from Granta SI (OOO) our Company performed dismantling, transportation and mounting at a new site of universal twin-post turning-and-boring machine No.1М557 and metal-planing machine No. 7210 (total weight 72 tonnes). Both machines were manufactured in 1969. Dismantling works were performed inside an operating production shop of Uralnerud (OAO) in Yekaterinburg. In a confined space the machines were dismantled with the use of gantry system GP270L and transported from the shop on a 40-tonne capacity intrashop trailer to the Kurmansky crashed-stone quarry situated in Kurmanka village, Sverdlovskaya Region (branch of ZAO Nerudservis).
Within the period from August, 28 to September, 20 our specialists performed installation of these machines at a new site. For their mounting gantry system GP125H was used. Dismantled and transported equipment passed starting-up and adjustment and is ready for exploitation.

22 Apr 2013

exchanging of drier drum for Ramensk GOK, OJSC

8 – 20 April 2013 engineers from company 100tonn-service have exchanged drier drum DUTTO, Italy, on request of Ramensk GOK, OJSC. The weight of the drier drum is 36tons. Beside the exchange of the drum, the old auxiliary equipment was dismantled and new auxiliary equipment mounted. To lessen the equipment idle time the works were executed by three teams working 24 hours per day. The total weight of equipment exchanged was 130tons.