18 Aug 2016

PANSTONE rubber mixers unloaded, relocated and installed in Cheborsary

In the period from 3 AUG to 12 AUG 2016, our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) unloaded rubber mixers elements (from 1 to 18 tonnes) from seven sea containers, relocated them to the installation site and installed two rubber mixers (PANSTONE, Taiwan) within the premises of V.I.Chapaev Cheboksary Production Association (OAO, Cheborsary). Total mass of one rubber mixer in assembled condition is 66 tonnes. The machinery was delivered to the installation site on a 40-tonne capacity intrashop trailer. Then it was installed by means of an autocrane.

16 Jan 2014

Lifting operations and mechanical mounting of press LWB Steinl (Germany)

Within the period from December, 14 to December, 19 our Company unloaded a new compression press VR 12000 manufactured by WB Steinl (Germany), shifted it into the shop, set heavy components into a required position and performed its mechanical installation for Rubber Coating Research and Development Institute, St.Petersburg.

The following tasks were fulfilled for this project: calculations and reinforcement of floor slabs between the basement and the ground floor so that they bear the mass of the load and the gantry system; diversity of load at all the stages of operations; overcoming of the level difference between the road surface outside the building and the floor of the ground floor of the shop. All the lifting operations with heavy components of the press (with maximum mass of one component equal to 28 tonnes) were executed in a confined space with the use of gantry system GP-125.

12 Jan 2014

Hydrothermal synthesis vessels shifted, upended and installed in Ryazanskaya Region

On request from Quartz Crystall Technologies (OOO) within the period from December 16, 2013 to January 10, 2014 our Company shifted 10 high-pressure hydrothermal synthesis vessels (63 tonnes each) to the production shop, upended them and set them into a caisson on the territory of Kvartsevye tekhnologii (OOO), Shilovo village, Ryazanskaya Region.

Prior to starting works, the vessels had been placed within the premises adjacent to the shop. Our specialists used a 200-tonne mobile crane to put each vessel onto a loader and to shift it to the shop, and a 125-tonne capacity gantry system GP125H to unload them from the loader in the shop. Then the vessels were shifted one by one into the assembly zone where every vessel was upended, shifted to the installation site and set into a caisson on an individual support in a required position with the use of a 1,100-tonne capacity hydraulic gantry system GP1100E and a special-purpose tooling set modified by our specialists for their needs. The works were rather difficult for execution due to the length of the vessels (12.3 m) and requirement of their high precision positioning during installation.

31 Oct 2013

ОАО ЧПО им В.И. Чапаева

Within the period from September, 30 to October, 25 our Company unloaded, shifted, mounted and assembled three vacuum die casting machines S-V-1300-2RT-PC (PANSTONE, Taiwan) for V.I.Chapaev Cheboksary Production Association (OAO), Cheboksary.

The elements of the equipment with mass from 1 to 24 tonnes were unloaded from 15 shipping containers, shifted into a shop on a 40-tonne capacity intrashop trailer, mounted into the pits of the foundation and assembled with a 125-tonne capacity gantry system GP125H. The mass of each machine as an assembly was equal to 97 tonnes. All the works were performed in close collaboration with the Client and the manufacturer of the equipment and were accomplished within 12 shifts.

15 Oct 2013

Condenser replaced at Gematek Plant in Tver

On September 16, 2013 our specialists replaced defective condenser (manufactured by STERIS FINN-AQUA, Finland) at Gematek Infusion Solution Production Facility, purchased by BBraun in Tver. Despite relatively small weight of equipment (400 kg), it was rather difficult to execute the works due to two factors, i.e. operations had to be performed in a confined space (60-cm width of the openings) and in the vicinity of expensive equipment.

A special system of units and winches developed by our specialists enabled them to remove the condenser from its fixing points quickly and in a safe manner, lower it and place on the floor, replace with a new one and lift it to a 4-meter height. The work was accomplished within one working day.

19 Jun 2012

Unloading, moving and mounting of forming machine in Kaluga

On request of company Bovis (France) in June, 1st – 18th, 2012 100TONN – Service engineers executed unloading, moving and mounting works of forming machines Engel and Kraus Maffei at Plant Visteon in Kaluga. The set of works included the following operations: unloading from automobile truck, moving into building and mounting of new forming machines Engel and Kraus Maffei of total weight 142tons; relocation inside the building of two old forming machines: Kraus Maffei, weight 75tons, and Engel, weight 100tons. While mounting works the equipment was turned. The works were executed in tight working place inside the running factory under supervision of specialists from Bovis and Visteon.

23 Apr 2012

Dismantling of equipment for JSC UralKhimMash

From March to April 2012 the company 100 tonn – service performed dismantling of the architrave assembled with master cylinder piston (weight of 200 tons), master cylinder body (weight of 80 tons), and traverse (weight of 90 tons) of the vertical four column hydraulic double-acting press with forcing of 4000/6500 tnf with all elements of the tilting by 90 ° about the horizontal axis at the production site of UralKhimMash (Ekaterinburg).

23 Jan 2012

Transfer of a reactor of 320 t from railway carrier onto trailer in Cherepovets

From January, 17 till January, 19, 2012, the experts of “100 tonn – service” performed transfer of a chemical reactor R-202 from railway carrier onto trailer under the order of Cherepovets Azot, JSC. The reactor was made in Italy for constructed manufacture of carbamide Cherepovets Azot, JSC.

The length of the reactor makes 29845 mm, the width makes 3600 mm, the height makes 5125 mm, the weight nakes 320 t. The transfer of the reactor was performed by means of the gantry system GP1100. In the course of the transfer the reactor was turned around to be moved from transport to mounting position. After loading on a trailer of the company Europe-Lloyd special transport the reactor was transported to the mounting site.