04 Feb 2016

Hydraulic cylinders unloaded and shifted to a temporary storage site

In February 2016 our Company reloaded two SMS MEER hydraulic cylinders from railway transporters onto modular trailers, shifted them to a temporary storage site and unloaded them at a production site of OAO KUMZ (Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgic Plant) in Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovskaya Oblast).

The gantry system was used for accelerated unloading of the equipment from the railway transports. The hydraulic cylinders were unloaded by means of a modular trailer with hydrostatic transmission, which allowed us to reduce unloading expenses. All the works were accomplished within the time limits prescribed by the Customer.

10 Dec 2015

HAEUSLER bending machine dismantled and loaded

On December 9, 2015 our installation specialists quickly dismantled a three-roll Haeusler VRM 3.0 bending machine (rolls). A 43-ton monoblock of the bending machine was lifted from the pit, turned into the loading direction and loaded onto a vehicle. The Customer highly appreciated our approach to work and the level of performance.

15 Sep 2015

Components of Pietro Carnaghi machine unloaded in Balakovo

On request from OOO Russia Logistic Yug (Russia), within the period from June 30 to July 14, 2015 our Company unloaded the components of Pietro Carnaghi machine (Italy) and put them in storage within the premises of furniture plant Shatura in Balakovo. The delivery set consisted of oversized equipment (from 40 to 140 tonnes) and of 20 containers. The machine is supplied for RusHydro Plant under construction in Saratovskaya Oblast. Our specialists performed simultaneous works at two sites by means of two 125-tonne-capacity gantry systems GP125. The heaviest detail of the machine (140 tonnes) was unloaded by two 125-tonne-capacity gantry systems GP125.

12 Jan 2015

Diesel generators MAN for Baltic Nuclear Power Plant

On request from the Independent Energy Company our Company reloaded five diesel generators MAN (88 tonnes each) from the rail transport to vehicles and then unloaded them at the site.

The works were carried out simultaneously with two gantry systems GP500 and GP125. To perform these works, the gantry systems had to be delivered to Kaliningrad Region across two state borders and then exported back. Political problems with Byelorussia and Lithuania, pre-New Year rush and changing plans of the supplier of the equipment did not make the implementation of the project easier. The return of our equipment back to Russia was of a special concern for us. However, the project was successfully carried out, all the works completed and accepted by the Customer, and our equipment returned back to its warehouse.

25 Dec 2014

Unloading and installation of boilers BOSCH (Shymkent, Kazakhstan)

In the period from December 22 to December 25, 2014 the specialists of our Company (100 TONNE MONTAGE) unloaded five 86-tonne boilers BOSCH from the transport vehicles, turned them to 90° and set to final position on a foundation in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, on request from Instar Logistics (TOO, Republic of Kazakhstan). The space for operations was limited by the pits within the operation site. Total mass of installed equipment is 350 tonnes. The use of extra high strength 18-meter beam and 24-meter gantry system track together with extensive practical experience and high level of professionalisms of our specialists enabled our Company to fulfill the works within 4 days.

06 Mar 2014

Transformer shifted and loaded onto a rail transporter in Ufa

In the period from February, 17 to March, 3 on request from Instar Logistics (OOO) our Company shifted a 360-tonne transformer (TBEA SHENYANG TRANSFORMER GROUP.CO, LTD), put it into a shipping frame and loaded it onto an articulated rail transporter in Ufa. To be put into the shipping frame, the transformer was lifted to a height of 4 meters.