06 Dec 2016

Two MANROLAND ROTOMAN 50 web-fed printing machine dismantled, marked, packed and relocated

During the winter 2016, our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) relocated two MANROLAND printing production lines (model ROTOMAN 50) at one of the printing companies in Moscow, as well as carried out their pre-sale preparation. All components of the machinery were carefully dismantled, marked, packed and relocated to a temporary storage warehouse in accordance with the list: drying part, sections, folder, web threading system, cooler, electric cabinets, framing and conveyors (total weight of both lines is 210 tonnes). Such works and machinery are well-known to our professional installation specialists, thus they were accomplished quickly and with due quality despite confined space inside the premises.

31 Aug 2016

NOVOFLEX (WINDMOLLER&HOLSHER) printing machine installed

On August 31, 2016 NOVOFLEX printing machine (Windmoller&Holsher, Germany) was successfully unloaded from the vehicles, relocated to the installation site and installed there. The works were carried out within the premises of SildAirKaustik, Volgograd, Volgogradskaya Oblast. The machine had been dismantled in Italy and taken to Russia. Therefore, no technical documentation was available for it. Our specialists worked together with the OEM engineering supervisors (Windmoller&Holsher), as well as representatives of the installation company which had dismantled the machine in Italy. The works were accomplished one calendar week ahead of the approved schedule.

11 Feb 2016

Paper bags making machine Windmoller&Holscher mounted

To embrace new challenges, our Company within the period from November 9 to December 12, 2015 assembled a paper bags production line. These paper bags are designed for construction materials. Within the premises of the plant under construction Segezhskaya Upakovka in Salsk, Rostovskaya Oblast, together with German installation supervisors from Repack company, our specialists unloaded Windmoller&Holscher equipment (Germany), shifted it to the workshop and installed it there. All the activities followed the schedule and met the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

25 Jan 2016

Rosanta 1200 and SM-14 longitudinal slitting machine dismantled, shifted and installed

Within the period from December 12, 2015 and January 25, 2016 as part of the plant extension, the specialists of our Company (100-TONN MONTAZH) performed the following operations for Segezhskaya Upakovka Plant in Segezha, Republic of Karelia: dismantling, shifting and installation of SM 14-13 longitudinal slitting machine (KAMPF, Germany) and installation of a new Rosanta 1200 longitudinal slitting machine (Italy). Within the framework of this project our specialists made the foundation for both machines, shifted main utilities (water, air, electricity) to a new site of SM 14-13 machine installation and installed the lamps over the machine operating zones.

25 Dec 2015

Printing press ONYX mounted within the premises of the Segezhskaya Upakovka plant under construction

Within the period from December 5 to December 25, 2015 our specialists on request from OOO GlavStroyProject (Rostov) mounted printing press ONYX (Italy) within the premises of Segezhskaya Upakovka Plant under construction in Salsk, Rostovskaya Oblast. Gantry system GP125 was used for the operations. The distinctive feature of this project was lifting of a 15-m bridge connecting the sections of the printing press.

24 Feb 2015

Printing press Windmoeller&Holsher mounted in Pereslavl-Zalessky

In the end of December, 2014 our Company assembled the body of the printing press (Windmoeller&Holsher, Germany) at Kenguru plant in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Our specialists visited the site, developed technology and accomplished the works within short time.
The distinctive features of this project were the confined space in the hangar where assembly works were supposed to be carried out and the total height of the structure, i.e. 12 m. Hydraulic gantry system GP125 was used for the operations.

18 Oct 2014

Printing machine unit installed in a hard-to-reach place in Yekaterinburg

Within the period from October, 12 to October 14, 2014 on request from Fabrika Tsveta (OOO) our Company (100 TONN SERVIS) installed a 5-ton web converging unit for operating printing machine Heidelberg М600 at the height of 3 m.
To carry out operations, the printing machine was shut down for 2 days, which excluded the right to make mistakes and made the specialists work in very humble circumstances.

The specialists developed unique shifting technology and applied special-purpose metalware to solve the problem without dismantling operating equipment.

23 Jul 2014

Printing machine relocated from St.Petersburg to Kirov

Printing machine Komori Lithrone 444SP was relocated within less than 3 weeks from St.Petersburg to Kirov.

The works were performed on request from Pervaya Obraztsovaya typographia, OAO (Pervaya Obraztsovaya Printing House). Here is one of the examples of a complex approach to the task set by the Customer: the machine was dismantled, packed, shifted to a loading point, loaded, transported to Kirov, unloaded, and mounted at a new site.

The skills of our specialists and the use of the unique load-lifting equipment allowed us to solve the task within the prescribed time limits even under certain constraints. Total weight of the equipment to be mounted is 85 tonnes, maximum weight of one unit is 19 tonnes.

27 Jun 2012

Dismantling, moving and mounting of the vacuum machine in Dubna

On request of NPO KRIPTEN, OJSC, in June, 1st – 26th, 2012, 100TONN – Service engineers dismantled on the fourth floor, moved to the ground floor and to the place of installation, then installed on the ground floor the vacuum machine General S1650 (Great Britain) in Dubna, Moscow region. The scope of works also included steel constructions and surrounding equipment relocation, electric cabinets disconnection and connection back again. The heaviest unit of the vacuum machine weighted 30tons. Transportation to the new place was complicated by narrow corridors of the building ground floor, so the technical department designed a detailed transporting route. The vacuum machine was installed on the basement with the lifting system GP125, lifting capacity 125tons. The works were executed under the manufactures supervision.