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SKD assembly

Монтаж печатной машины GLOBAL WEB SYSTEM в Тверской области
The undeniable advantage of «100 Tonn Montage» company consists in the ability to provide a full range of services on industrial equipment assembly as from rigging up to commissioning works and equipment setting. However, it is SKD assembly which commonly represents the most complicated task and requires a modern assembly technology. If press assembly weighs, let’s say, 3,000 tons with its individual parts of 200-300 tons each, and they must be accurately and correctly positioned and assembled into one unit, as well as sometimes they have to be turned over or lifted to a great height, then this is considered to be the most difficult task and should be carefully prepared and performed in compliance with all security measures. After SKD assembly mechanic and electric installation can be performed with the use of overhead or small mobile cranes by customer or company specialists. Thus, the service of our company is directed both to the end customers or our colleagues from installation personnel.

If for some reason you do not need the whole range of turnkey assembly works, our company will take care of it and complete the most complex task at the highest level. Our engineers have a serious experience in rigging and SKD assembly of hard and heavy equipment in space limited conditions of the existing industry. The specialist of our company arrives at the object, takes precise measurements, studies equipment draws, workshop plans and sections, fundament projects, then we compare all these data, develop the working plan for you to be sure that nothing can interrupt the process. And hydraulic gantry systems that we use in our work have a special design for production facilities as well as a wide range of advantages over mobile cranes such as less space for installation, less load on the floor, no need for specialized traverse, ability of precise relocation, and transfer without any permission of the oversized cargo.

Special attention is paid to the safety of works during SKD assembly of the heavy equipment. As far as this process is connected with complex assembly of heavy weights, any error in design and work execution can be very expensive. As this modern industrial equipment costs a lot and can be so fragile, it requires a careful attitude, for example, transportation by tractor is not recommended as our grandfathers did before. Furthermore, if the equipment is damaged during the assembly, it will be replaced not earlier than in 6 months or a year, so the project will be postponed for this time, which is much more expensive than the direct loss from the equipment damage.

Hence, there is no use to economize on the SKD assembly; you can save on something else. For example, involve only the most advanced technologies as well as the most experienced specialists. There are hundreds of projects under the engineer’s belt in such industries as machine building, printing, machinery, power engineering, metalwork, chemistry, logistics of heavy load and oversized cargo. We will be glad to use our great experience carrying out project for you at optimum cost.