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Assembly of industrial equipment and production lines

Assembly of industrial equipment and production lines
Our company provides service of the industrial equipment assembly including the whole spectrum of works from geodesic surveying and foundation acceptance to the commissioning works. The assembly of a certain machines and entire production lines requires the solution of different problems such as working in space limited conditions as, for example, premise’s height and the presence of the installed equipment.

Our specialists will help you to upgrade or redesign plants and productions, remove old machines and assemble a new one using our own modern lifting equipment (gantry systems, turning tables, shift and lateral displacement systems, jacks, cranes and etc.) as well as other special tools and instruments.

Assemble service include such works as:
– foundation design, production and layout for equipment installation,
– mounting the equipment to the foundation (anchor, grouting, fixings and etc.)
– SKD assembly, changing the position of individual parts if necessary (turning, tilting)
– mechanical installation/disassembly (full assembly)
– electric wiring (cable installation, termination, electric cabinet installation)
– network connection (compressed air, water and etc.)
– assembly of hydraulic, pneumatic and other systems
– pipeline sleepers, welding, flushing and pressure testing
– metalwork design, production and assembly
– material supply for assembly (cables, pipes and etc.)
– organization and extension of apertures to remove the equipment
– diagnostics and defect identification of the used (secondary) equipment
– cold and warm start of the equipment

For almost 14 years of work «100 Tonn Montage» company implemented more than 500 projects on assembling of the equipment in various industries. More information is available in the «Project» section.

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