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Relocation of machines, production lines and production facilities

One day every manufacturer whose business is successfully developing is puzzled with the question of relocation of one or more production lines, as well as the whole facility. Sometimes, the cause of it is the new product output, new technologies introduction or cost reduction. Moreover, the facility might be transferred beyond the area of the city or even in other districts in the frame of ecological projects.

There are lots of reasons but the result is always the same – multiple risks for the customer. Such risks include the equipment damage, shutdowns, non-execution of the contract concerning supplies to the customer (who might have the assembly line or conveyor and each day cost a pretty sum). Facility relocation is the most complicated process that requires counting dozens of parameters as well as careful preliminary planning, strict control of project execution, using modern assembly technologies, compliance of safety and healthy rules. It is important to choose the contractor very carefully. Some of the companies do not realize the whole responsibility they are taken. That is why the key point here is the practical experience in large scale projects and the availability of production capacities including full-time engineers and specialized equipment.

Our company has a great long term experience in industrial equipment assembly and facility relocation. And it doesn’t matter whether it is one or thousands tons of items, we clearly follow our own proved technology, use data bank of project performed, and, obviously, the most modern assembly equipment that reduce the terms of relocation and make it in a safe and comfortable way for the customer. Our engineers and specialists will study thoroughly the situation in whole and technical specification in separate, take down indicators, develop work production plan, prepare necessary assembly equipment and special tools, take the responsibility for the equipment to be relocated, carefully perform dismantling, think over the packing design for a safe transportation, pack and mark the equipment, load into the transport and fix each item, transfer it, unload it at the site, install on the project position, perform mechanic and electric assembly, implement commissioning works, adjust the equipment and hand it over to the customer in the appropriate condition. The relocation might be also suitable and useful for equipment improvement and upgrading.

«100 Tonn Montage» applies portal and hydraulic technologies in lifting and assembling of the equipment. This allows to reduce terms and cost of works, enhance reliability and safety. More detailed information about our equipment stock and services can be found in “Equipment” and “Service” reference sections. Section “Projects” describes our long term experience in various fields of industry.

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