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Relocation of equipment

The process of equipment relocation (individual machines and production lines) is a very essential, time consuming procedure requiring the use a special equipment, wide experience and high professionalism of company’s employees.
This is a special task which is not equal to the sum of constituent parts but is much bigger than that, as the individual end to end project.

Our specialists perform such scope of work as relocation (including measurements), disassembly, rigging, marking, packing, loading, routing, transportation, transshipment, sometimes customs, unloading, moving to the site, SKD assembly, mechanical installation, electric wiring, technical support during the commissioning and setting up. They perform it carefully and on-time.

In some cases it is necessary to perform the defect identification, replace worn parts, purchase and supply required materials and even rewrite the software if needed. Sometimes but not always it’s necessary to make apertures in the walls expanding those openings and gates, organize special platforms and sites for the heavy and breakable equipment able to function where it’s suitable for the customer.

Our company uses 10-1100 ton hydraulic gantries for assembling and disassembling the equipment, its lifting and accurate moving in three dimensions. Such hydraulic gantries effectively interact with the shift systems, turning tables, hoists, carts and other assembly equipment making it time and cost effective. The list of company’s tools and equipment contains about 4000 items.

There are hundreds of projects under the engineer’s belt in such industries as machine building, metallurgy, metalwork, pipe and tube production, arms industry, power industry, chemistry, building, mining, printing and etc. «100 Tonn Montage» provides the wide scope of work to perform the projects on relocation of individual parts of the equipment as well as the whole production lines or the entire plant. We will be glad to use our great experience carrying out project for you.