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Industrial equipment rigging

Our Company 100 Tonn Montage has been professionally dealing with technological equipment rigging since 2002. Today we are using our 15-year experience to perform all required rigging operations with heavy and oversized equipment in a safe and effective way.

With the use of our unique hydraulic load-lifting equipment stock, our specialists can perform the following operations:

– Unload the equipment from transport vehicles and load it onto the vehicles (a loader, railway transporter, ro/ro barge, etc.).
– Reload the loads of up to 1,000 tons from one type of transport to another one (when different types of transport are used during multimodal transportation).
– Shift the load inside the workshop with the help of a gantry system or a shifting system (when transport vehicles cannot be used due to confined space).
– Overcome obstacles when shifting the loads (pits, overpasses, foundations, etc.).
– Turn the loads to a preset angle (90-degree turn is not always needed).
– Tilt the load in a safe way from horizontal to vertical position or vice versa.
– Set the load on a foundation or into the pit in confined conditions (when some other equipment is being operated nearby).
– Perform SKD assembly of heavy parts of the equipment (see a respective Section).
– etc.

No rigging operations with oversized and heavy equipment are possible without the application of special equipment. Therefore, we have purchased all necessary load-lifting installations and highly specialized assembling erection tools. Today our stock includes the following equipment:

– 8 hydraulic gantry systems of different carrying capacity (10, 60, 125, 500 and 1,100 tons).
– Hydraulic load-shifting system (450-ton carrying capacity).
– Hydraulic turning table (450-ton carrying capacity).
– Hydraulic side-shifting system (1,000-ton carrying capacity).
– Trolleys and trailers (carrying capacity of up to 120 tons).
– Dozens of meters of rails and beams for gantry systems, all sorts of load supports.
– Large quantities of other special-purpose tooling set.

Every day we deal with the equipment from 20-30 to 500-600 tons. We can choose an ideal gantry system and an auxiliary equipment for this tonnage, which gives us the possibility to save costs incurred for the equipment delivery to the site of works and back.

In Russia we are second to none in questions of rigging of oversized and heavy technological equipment, even if it sounds immodest of us to say so. We are sure that experience and availability of equipment play the key role in our rather specific work. We carry out operations, analyse the process and the results, make conclusions and improve certain things in our Company, in our equipment and in the approach to solution of this or that issue. Our rigging services can be useful for our end users who have their own assembling or service departments ready for assembling operations and who are in need of rigging heavy parts of the equipment only. We are ready to work with assembling companies which do not want to invest money into acquisition of expensive load-lifting equipment which will most probably stay idle after the works are completed. We will be useful for logistics specialists who may be in need of reloading their equipment during transportation or unloading it at the site of their customers. Our Company is a ready-made time-tested tool for practically any rigging operation, so take a chance and use it! And if you need any assembling services besides rigging, do not hesitate to read other sections of our site.

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