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Rental of gantry systems and rigging equipment — copy

«100 Tonn Montage» company provides all necessary services on equipment assembly and relocation with the use of modern specialized technology and high qualified personnel. However, there are some professional assembly companies among our customers, i.e. our colleagues, who can do this type of work by their own having appropriate specialists of the required qualification and customers that trust them. Sometimes, they are only lack of the specialized equipment, for example, hydraulic portal systems or turning systems.

In this case, there is no need to invest money in the expensive assembly equipment that you might use next time or in a long while. In this way, «100 Tonn Montage» company constantly invests money in the development of its own stock and is ready to provide its equipment to realize your projects. During the usual work when you perform assembling with your own efforts, our company can provide its rental services of it equipment. And it will be such equipment that is really important and necessary for you at present, only during the required period, in a perfect condition and with the experienced personnel.

«100 Tonn Montage» specialists will choose the best technical solution, check your work production plan in terms of our equipment or develop our own plan as well as provide well qualified use of such a complex and expensive equipment during rigging and relocation works. At present we are ready to provide rental services of eight 10-1100 ton portal systems as well as other equipment for rigging and assembly works:
– cargo shifting system (load capacity of 450 tons);
– lateral displacement systems (load capacity of 1000 tons);
– jack systems with hydro station (load capacity of 360 and 600 tons);
– 40 ton internal trailers;
– 120 ton carts;
– 3 and 5 ton forklift truck;
– and many others

Our company provides rental services of the required equipment just after the expert assessment of your object. We can supply it anywhere or dispatch from one of our stocks. Only our well experienced specialists can help you to perform the equipment relocation at minimum cost and to maximum effect.

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