24 Jul 2016

SACMI press body replaced in Samara

Our specialists (100 TONN MONTAZH) implemented a complicated project of SACMI press body replacement (Italy) at Samarsky Stroyfarfor in July 2016. Confined condition of the operating plant did not make the implementation of the project easier. Dismantling of the old press body and installation of a new body were performed with the use of a 125-ton hydraulic gantry system. The mass of the press is 56 tons.

30 Apr 2016

Turning-and-boring machine dismantled, shifted and installed in Nizhny Tagil

In April 2016 our Company (100-TONN MONTAZH) dismantled a 15-25 turning-and-boring machine at the production site of EVRAZ NTMK (EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant, OAO) in Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovskaya Oblast).

Lifting capacity of the overhead cranes turned to be insufficient for the required operations, therefore a GP 60 gantry system with special tools was applied for the works. The works were accomplished in four stages: dismantling, transportation, installation and setting to work under supervision of EVRAZ NTMK specialists.

It should be noted that prior to setting the machine to work, the CUSTOMER’s land-surveyor had developed an as-built drawing for installation of the machine parts, which led to ideal installation of the machine.

24 Dec 2015

Manufacturing lines relocated in Syzran

In August 2015 our Company (100 TONNE MONTAGE) dismantled, relocated and mounted pouring and thermoforming lines at Avtokomponent Plant in Syzran. The works had to be accomplished within short timelines during AvtoVAZ company holidays (Customer of Avtokomponent Plant).

The following operations were carried out within the framework of the project: cases of the pouring modules were took to pieces, gantry robots and presses were dismantled; then they were loaded onto transport trolleys, shifted into a new workshop, assembled and mounted. Thermoforming lines were
also dismantled, loaded onto transport trolleys, shifted into a new workshop and mounted. All the works were accomplished in due time.

15 Sep 2015

Manipulator dismantled, shifted and mounted in Tikhvin

Within the period from August 10 to August 14, 2015 our specialists dismantled manipulator Clansman, shifted it and mounted it within the premises of Tikhvin Freight Car Building Works Plant (TVSZ) in Tikhvin, Leningradskaya Oblast. The works were performed in a very confined space with application of two supports of GP125 gantry system. Our specialists managed to complete the works ahead of schedule, which allowed the personnel of the plant perform setting-to-work operations and minor repairs of the manipulator before the start of production.

13 Jul 2015

Car seat assembly line relocated

On request from Lear (OOO), Izhevsk, in the period from April 30, 2015 to May 8, 2015 our Company dismantled, relocated and mounted a car seat assembly line. The works were performed during a planned shutdown of the production. All the works were accomplished two shifts ahead of schedule, which allowed setting the assembly line to work by the conveyer start date.

01 Jul 2011

Printing machine MAN Uniset 70 relocation

At the end of June we have completed relocation works of printing machine MAN Uniset 70 from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk (printing shop “PIK offset”). The customer was company manroland AG (Germany). Company 100tonn-service has performed the whole set of equipment mechanical parts dismantling, moving out, packaging, loading on trucks and further mounting.

6 engineers have used gantry system GP125H and trailer (lifting capacity 40 tons) for works execution. The project was accomplished in contract terms. Our work was highly appreciated both by the customer – company manroland AG and the equipment buyer – printing house “PIK offset”.