22 Jul 2016

Turning-and-boring machine dismantled, shifted and installed in Nizhny Tagil

In April 2016 our Company dismantled a 15-25 turning-and-boring machine at the production site of EVRAZ NTMK (EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant, OAO) in Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovskaya Oblast).

Lifting capacity of the available overhead cranes turned to be insufficient for the required operations, therefore a GP 60 gantry system with special tools was applied for the works. The works were accomplished in four stages: dismantling, transportation, installation and setting to work under supervision of EVRAZ NTMK specialists. It should be noted that prior to set the machine to work, the CUSTOMER’s land-surveyor had developed an as-built drawing for installation of the machine parts, which led to ideal installation of the machine.

20 Feb 2016

Equipment mounted for Zagorsky Pipe Plant

On February 20, 2016 our Company completed assembling works of the technological equipment for electric-weld pipe workshop in due time. This equipment included the equipment for external and internal coating at Zagorsky Pipe Plant. The suppliers of the equipment (Haeusler AG and Selmers b.v.) are adjusting equipment and manufacturing trial batches of the pipes. Total amount of the equipment mounted, connected and set to operation equals to 5 thousand tonnes.

03 Feb 2016

Horizontal boring-and-turning mill shifted and assembled

Within the period from January 27 to February 03, 2016 on request from AO Mariysky Machine Building Plant our Company unloaded a 55-tonne horizontal boring-and-turning mill 15, shifted it and assembled it element by element.

By means of hydraulic gantry system GP125 our specialists dismantled, upended and shifted a 10-tonne 2657B counterweighted post of the horizontal boring-and-turning mill.

29 Dec 2015

Works accomplished within the framework of an eco-project for PAO Severstal

In December 2015 our Company accomplished reconstruction of an integrated filtration station. By means of a gantry system 14 filters (47 tonnes each) were dismantled and the second stage of the works was accomplished (mounting of a support frame and 10 new filters).

PAO Severstal highly appreciated the quality of works and the technologies applied by our Company. Their comments are available in section “About us/Letters of recommendation”.

20 Nov 2015

Machining centres GROB mounted in Samara

In November 2015 our Company unloaded, shifted and set to final position two machining centres GROB (Germany) at BOSCH Plant in Samara. The Customer required speeding up the process to avoid downtime of expensive transport vehicles. Each 24-tonne machining centre required delicate handling. The works were accomplished in due time.

11 Aug 2015

Lifting machine SIEMENS installed at Verkhnetagilsky State Power Station

In August 2015 our Company relocated and set on a foundation a 305.9-tonne gas turbine SIEMENS SGT5-4000F and a 325.7-tonne electric generator SIEMENS SGen5-1200A. The equipment is designed for a 420 MW vapour gas power unit of the gas turbine at Verkhnetagilsky State Power Station (Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Verkhny Tagil).

This project required gantry system GP1100 and a modular hydraulic trailer. The use of modern technologies and unique engineering solutions enabled our specialists to accomplish the works in the shortest possible time despite bad weather conditions and rain during the works.