30 Jun 2016

Four gas-generator plants WÀRTSILÀ installed

In June 2016 our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) unloaded, de-preserved, performed SKD assembly and installed four gas-generator plants Wartsila onto vibration mounts in Kazakhstan. Due to the use of a GP500 gantry system, the primary contractor managed to start installation of the equipment directly on completion of installation of load-bearing metalware of the building with simultaneous installation of the sandwich-panels. This technology considerably decreased the timelines of the works implementation. Our designers implemented an interesting technical solution, that enabled them to further accelerate the works. Prior to use the trawl for unloading, a section of the gantry tracks had been dismantled, and after the load was lifted and the trawl left the premises, this section was installed back to its place and the gantry system started to move along it with the load. The works were rather difficult for execution due to simultaneous implementation of construction and installation works at the site, as well as due to necessity to keep up with precise positioning of the gas-generator plants onto vibration mounts (1 mm tolerance). Thorough engineering of the operations, experience in handling Wartsile equipment and well-coordinated teamwork enabled our Company to perform all the operations in accordance with an approved work schedule.

08 Apr 2015

Power equipment loaded, transported, unloaded and set on a foundation in Voronezh

In the period from January 29 to April 7, 2015 our Company (100 TONNE MONTAGE) took part in assembly of power equipment within the framework of reconstruction of Voronezh Central Heating and Power Plant-1 and construction of a 223 MW CCGT unit in Voronezh. We dealt with such equipment as four 45.295 MW gas-turbine plants LM6000 PD Sprint (General Electric) and four waste-heat boilers ПК-95 (Podolsk Machine Building Plant, OAO).

Our specialists performed full range of operations pertaining to loading at storage sites, shifting within the premises, unloading from a low loader and high precision setting to final position on a foundation of heavy parts of gas-turbine plants (including turbine with baseframe, generator baseframe and generator itself; total mass of each gas-turbine plant is 182,915 kg) and boilers (total mass of each boiler is 173,136 kg). Total mass of loaded, transported and assembled equipment is 1,424 tonnes. Parts of gas-turbine plants were set on foundation with the help of a 1100 tonne gantry system, whereas the elements of waste-heat boilers were lifted to 18 m with the help of a set of 200-tonne strand jacks. Top management of a Voronezh branch of Inter RAO-Engineering (OOO) expressed its gratitude to our Company and appreciated professionalism of our specialists and team interaction.