Gas-generator plants WÀRTSILÀ: unloading, SKD assembly, shifting and setting on a foundation

    On request from Logis Neftegas-Servis (OOO) within the period from November, 25 to December, 23 our Company performed the following works with five gas-generator plants manufactured by WÀRTSILÀ (Finland) in Zelenograd, Moskovskaya Region: unloading from low loaders, SKD assembly, shifting and high accuracy setting on a foundation. The weight of isolated elements of the equipment equaled 20-75 tonnes. The weight of the gas-generator plant as an assembly equaled 130 tonnes.
    During the assembly of the plant the engine and generator had to be positioned on the frame with accuracy of 1 mm in the horizontal direction, while during setting on a foundation, 4 mm in vertical direction and 1 mm in horizontal direction.
    Assembled plants were shifted over 2-m pits. The works were performed in difficult weather conditions, i.e. snow, ice, temperature drops, with the use of a 125-tonne capacity hydraulic gantry system and a 450-tonne capacity shifting system.