Lifting operations and mechanical mounting of press LWB Steinl (Germany)

    Within the period from December, 14 to December, 19 our Company unloaded a new compression press VR 12000 manufactured by WB Steinl (Germany), shifted it into the shop, set heavy components into a required position and performed its mechanical installation for Rubber Coating Research and Development Institute, St.Petersburg.

    The following tasks were fulfilled for this project: calculations and reinforcement of floor slabs between the basement and the ground floor so that they bear the mass of the load and the gantry system; diversity of load at all the stages of operations; overcoming of the level difference between the road surface outside the building and the floor of the ground floor of the shop. All the lifting operations with heavy components of the press (with maximum mass of one component equal to 28 tonnes) were executed in a confined space with the use of gantry system GP-125.