ОАО ЧПО им В.И. Чапаева

    Within the period from September, 30 to October, 25 our Company unloaded, shifted, mounted and assembled three vacuum die casting machines S-V-1300-2RT-PC (PANSTONE, Taiwan) for V.I.Chapaev Cheboksary Production Association (OAO), Cheboksary.

    The elements of the equipment with mass from 1 to 24 tonnes were unloaded from 15 shipping containers, shifted into a shop on a 40-tonne capacity intrashop trailer, mounted into the pits of the foundation and assembled with a 125-tonne capacity gantry system GP125H. The mass of each machine as an assembly was equal to 97 tonnes. All the works were performed in close collaboration with the Client and the manufacturer of the equipment and were accomplished within 12 shifts.