Mounting of Ravne 2500 t press in Kaluga

    From November, 9 till November, 30, 2011, the experts of “100 tonn – service” under the order of company Litostroj Ravne d.o.o. (Slovenia) mounted a Ravne 2500t heavy press on industrial sites of Benteler in Kaluga.

    During mounting of the press basement (two parts 74 t each), two bolsters (31 t each), a slide (84 t), four columns (9 t each) and a “crown” (212 t) were unloaded from a motor transport of the customer and mounted at the site. The total weight of the mounted equipment made 542 t.

    The highlight of the project was a simultaneous use of two portal systems of “100 tonn – service”. A gantry with lifting capacity of 125 tons supported the railway lines that were mounted across the pit and over which a gantry with lifting capacity of 1100 tons that lifted the press parts moved. This let us perform works in conditions of limited free space.