Opening of factory for middle row engines JAMZ-530 in Yaroslavl

    On November, 23rd, a formal opening of the factory for middle row engines JAMZ-530 took place in Yaroslavl.

    During 2011 experts of “100 tonn – service” performed the basic amount of works on mounting of the process equipment of a new factory. Among others, the works on loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, moving to a mounted site, marking of basementss, drilling of apertures, preparation of fixing elements, mounting of equipment on fixing elements, fastening of equipment and connection of large units of equipment were executed.

    All the works were performed by means of special lifting facilities and equipment of “100 tons – service” in close cooperation with representatives of manufacturers of the equipment and experts of the customer. The work of “100 tonn – service” was appreciated by the management of JSC Autodiesel (JAMZ) at opening of the factory.