Transfer of a reactor of 320 t from railway carrier onto trailer in Cherepovets

    From January, 17 till January, 19, 2012, the experts of “100 tonn – service” performed transfer of a chemical reactor R-202 from railway carrier onto trailer under the order of Cherepovets Azot, JSC. The reactor was made in Italy for constructed manufacture of carbamide Cherepovets Azot, JSC.

    The length of the reactor makes 29845 mm, the width makes 3600 mm, the height makes 5125 mm, the weight nakes 320 t. The transfer of the reactor was performed by means of the gantry system GP1100. In the course of the transfer the reactor was turned around to be moved from transport to mounting position. After loading on a trailer of the company Europe-Lloyd special transport the reactor was transported to the mounting site.