Rolling machines dismantled in Moscow

    Within the framework of a project pertaining to upgradation and expansion of a rolling equipment fleet for Volgograd Metallurgical Company Krasny Oktyabr (ZAO), our Company (100 TONNE MONTAGE) dismantled four rolling machines, shifted them out from the workshop and loaded them onto transport vehicles at three sites of Moscow Metallurgical Plant Serp I Molot (OAO) in Moscow in the period from December 2014 to May 2015:

    Site 1: hot rolling workshop (machine 1500).

    Site 2: ribbon rolling workshop (Zudving machine, 650 QUARTO machine).

    Site 3: stainless ribbon cold rolling workshop (twenty high roll mill VNIIMETMASH).

    Total mass of dismantled equipment is 2,290 tonnes. The dismantling operations of machine 1500 were performed at a technological level of 0.000 m, while loading operations, at 8.000 m. A special cradle was manufactured for main drive rotor. All the elements of the main drive were packed in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.