Hammer 17КП and press К9538 dismantled, relocated from Samara to Sverdlovskaya region, mounted, started-up and adjusted

    In the period from July to September 2014, our Company performed all the works required for relocation of two operating press-forging plants from Samara (Volgaburmash, OAO) to Verkhniye Sergi, Sverdlovskaya region (Uralburmash, OAO).

    At first, hammer 17КП and press К9538 being in operation were dismantled in Samara. Instead of being taken to large pieces, the press was turned to a horizontal position. Then the equipment was transported from Samara to Verkhniye Sergi, including some large size heavy parts (press and hammer anvil). At the final stage of the project, the hammer and the press were mounted, started-up, and adjusted in Verkhniye Sergi.

    All the works were performed in accordance with an approved work schedule using modern installation facilities and equipment.