Plate with hydraulic press cylinder piston dismantled, shifted and mounted in Snezhinsk (Chelyabinskaya Oblast)

    In September 2015 our Company dismantled the plate with cylinder piston of hydraulic press SACMI PH4800, shifted it to the repair site and then shifted it and mounted it onto the press at the production site of ceramic plant ZKS (OOO) in Snezhinsk (Chelyabinskaya Oblast).

    A gantry system with special-purpose tools was used for the operations in a very confined space. The works were divided into two stages (dismantling and assembling operations) and carried out under immediate control of a supervisor from the press OEM (SACMI, Italy). The project was accomplished within 8 days instead of scheduled 15 days. On completion of repair works, the press was put into service.