Tobacco equipment dismantling at factory “Yava” in Moscow

    From August 2012 till January 2013 100TONN – Service engineers executed the whole set of works at factory “Yava” in Moscow. The dismantling of tobacco equipment was accomplished on request of British American Tobacco – Yava, OJSC. This was the ending of the project which started back in January-February 2012. The works were done on four levels of the building. During the project execution the engineering services were dismantled, mounting and fixing elements were designed and produced, the equipment was disassembled, placed and fixed on the pallets, packed in plastic with moisture collection agent. Then the equipment was moved out of the building and loaded and fixed on automobile trucks and into sea containers. The equipment which was to go by sea was additionally packed into wooden boxes. Special metal pallets were designed and produced for heavy and oversized units. On the customer’s request, some of the equipment was utilized. 100TONN – Service also arranged works for some openings to be enlarged and then built up back again because it was impossible to move some of the equipment through the existing openings. Totally, approximately 50 machines were dismantled. All the risks were insured in insurance company ERGO RUS.