Turn-key installation of Independent Gas-fired Power Plant

In October 2015 our specialists accomplished turn-key mechanical installation of Independent Gas-fired Power Plant within the premises of Angstrem-T Plant in Zelenograd (Moscow). The project was implemented within 13 months. It consisted of the following operations: unloading and installation of five Wartsila gas plants (total weight in assembled condition 180 tons each), installation and laying of oil system pipes, diesel fuel supply system, water cooling system, exhaust system and pressurization system. The equipment for heat-recovery system and boiler-house was also installed. Within the framework of starting-up and adjustment, all the systems and pipelines were rinsed, pickled and tested.

Technological equipment for the power plant was developed and supplied by Finnish Concern Wartsila. The equipment for the boiler-house was supplied by Buderus.