Mounting of two press lines Fagor at factory Gestamp Severstal Kaluga

    From December 2012 till beginning of May 2013 company 100tonn-service was mounting two new press lines together with the company manufacturer Fagor Arrasate at factory Gestamp Severstal Kaluga (which is the member of Volkswagen factories in Kaluga).
    Each press line consists of 6 presses, thus 12 presses were installed. The total weight of all presses is about 3500tons, the heaviest unit installed weighted 220tons. Our company had not only assembled the presses but we made mechanical installation, cable installation (including laying of cables and marking) and installed the hydraulics system. Right now the start-up operations are going on and in a month they will start pressing the automobile body parts. From 2008 our company had assembled and installed at factory Gestamp Automocion five press lines, two transfer lines, two separate hydraulic presses, scrap press, robots, conveyers, and other equipment, total weight 11 000tons.