Hydrothermal synthesis vessels shifted, upended and installed in Ryazanskaya Region

    On request from Quartz Crystall Technologies (OOO) within the period from December 16, 2013 to January 10, 2014 our Company shifted 10 high-pressure hydrothermal synthesis vessels (63 tonnes each) to the production shop, upended them and set them into a caisson on the territory of Kvartsevye tekhnologii (OOO), Shilovo village, Ryazanskaya Region.

    Prior to starting works, the vessels had been placed within the premises adjacent to the shop. Our specialists used a 200-tonne mobile crane to put each vessel onto a loader and to shift it to the shop, and a 125-tonne capacity gantry system GP125H to unload them from the loader in the shop. Then the vessels were shifted one by one into the assembly zone where every vessel was upended, shifted to the installation site and set into a caisson on an individual support in a required position with the use of a 1,100-tonne capacity hydraulic gantry system GP1100E and a special-purpose tooling set modified by our specialists for their needs. The works were rather difficult for execution due to the length of the vessels (12.3 m) and requirement of their high precision positioning during installation.