Unloading and assembling of press SACMI PH6500 for “Kompany “Piastrella”, CJSC

    In September 2011 our company executed a scope of rigging and assembling in town of Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk region, at production sites of “Kompany “Piastrella”, CJSC (Company for ceramic granite production).

    100tonn-service Company engineers unloaded hydraulic press SACMI PH6500 foundation slab (weight – 106tons) and cylinder (weight – 45 tons) from the railway truck and loaded them on automobile trucks. During the next work stage the press units were unloaded inside the workshop, moved and assembled on the basement and supporting structure. A unique operation of turning the press SACMI PH6500 foundation slab into mounting (vertical) position has been carried out. The foundation slab height is 7.5meters.

    Gantry systems GP1100H and GP125H have been used for works execution. The works were accomplished within the minimum tight deadlines and ahead of production schedule (3 working days) in accordance with the equipment manufacture standards and regulations.