Gas turbine power unit (GTU-3) installed at Chelyabinskaya GRES

    In May 2015 our Company set ALSTOM WY21Z-095LLT generator stator of gas turbine power unit GTU-3 on a foundation; loaded, transported, unloaded and set on a foundation a lower part of the stator of the ALSTOM GT13E2 thermal block of gas turbine power unit GTU-3; loaded, transported and unloaded G361 gas turbine rotor; loaded, transported and unloaded TOPAC TA30-105 steam turbine generator at Chelyabinskaya GRES (Regional Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Chelyabinsk, OAO Fortum).

    GP500 gantry system and SGP450 slide-system, as well as a modular hydraulic trailer were used during the works. In complex conditions of the construction site of Chelyabinskaya GRES our specialists displayed their skills and high qualification. This and the application of the state-of-the-art technology allowed them to fulfill the works within the timelines of the work schedule, approved by the representatives of the major power equipment OEM and prime Customer OAO Fortum.