Gas turbine power units SIEMENS installed at Verkhnetagilsky State Power Station

    In August 2015 our Company shifted a 305.9-ton SIEMENS SGT5-4000F gas turbine (Germany) and a 325.7-ton SIEMENS SGen5-1200A electric generator (Holland) from a temporary storage site and set them on a foundation at the construction site for a 420 MW vapour gas power unit of the gas turbine at Verkhnetagilsky State Power Station (Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Verkhny Tagil).

    This project required the use of a GP1100 gantry system and a modular hydraulic trailer. Under the heavy rain our specialists demonstrated their high qualification and professional skills at the construction site of a new vapour gas power unit at Verkhnetagilsky State Power Station. Application of modern technologies and proper engineering evaluation made it possible to accomplish all the works within the shortest timelines stipulated in the work schedule approved by general contractor Firma INTREK (OOO) and technical customer INTER RAO-Engineering (OAO).