Drier set on a foundation in Ufa

    In the period from October, 20 to November, 14 2014 our Company developed a unique project involving lifting, shifting and setting to a final position of the frame of the drier within the premises of the Kronospan plant in Ufa.

    Upon the information received from the Customer (Czech company AXIS a.s.), it was the first time that such large objects were ever assembled at the Kronospan plants: the length of the frame was 35 m, whereas its diameter was 7 m, its weight was 395 tonnes, and the height for setting it on a foundation was 10 m.

    To carry out such a complex project, an innovative four-stage lifting and shifting technology was developed involving the use of the Enerpac GP1100 gantry system and mounting structures. Complicated technical and environmental conditions, as well as conveniences rendered project implementation difficult, but our Company overcame all the difficulties and brilliantly performed all the works.