Presses PANSTONE unloaded, shifted and mounted in Yekaterinburg

    In the period from December 4 to December 26, 2014 our Company (100 TONNE MONTAGE) unloaded parts of presses (1 to 25 tonnes each) from 13 sea containers, shifted 3 presses (PANSTONE, Taiwan) to the mounting site and mounted them within the premises of Ural Plant of Lining General Mechanical Rubber Goods (Yekaterinburg). Mass of assembled presses is from 40 to 83 tonnes.

    The parts of presses were transported to the mounting site on a 40-tonne capacity material-handling vehicle. Then they were mounted with the help of a 10 and 125-tonne gantry systems. Low ceilings of an old factory building was a complicating factor. With the ceiling height of 4,800 mm the press crown was at 3,600 mm.