the first stage of equipment transportation and installation at Yaroslavl motor Factory is accomplished

    In January 2011 Company “100tonn-service” won “Avtodiesel”, Jsc. (Yaroslavl Motor Factory) tender for transportation and mounting of technological equipment of the factory for midrange in-line engines ЯМЗ-530. “Avtodiesel”, Jsc. is a member of “GAS” group. The new diesel engine was designed as a part of the program for severization of requirements to automobile transport in Russia. The construction of the new production plant was started at Volga. The plant is equipped, with modern European facilities.

    The construction of the plant is practically finished, and now the equipment is to be installed. The “100tonn-service” company engineers have started transportation and mounting of the new production lines at the beginning of February 2011. During February and March approximately 400 units of the equipment (total weight more than 750 tons) have been moved out of the warehouse of temporary storage, loaded on trucks, transported and placed at the new place of mounting. Besides, the basement marking was accomplished in March. And the mounting of the equipment for the engines coloring has been started in cooperation with the manufacturing company SOP International (Slovenia)