Technological equipment dismantled, loaded, transported, unloaded and installed in Yekaterinburg

    In November 2014 our Company (100-TONN MONTAZH) dismantled technological equipment (setting device, printer, melting oven, dry storage cabinet) on Zoologicheskaya street, loaded it on vehicles, transported to Dorozhnaya street, unloaded and set into final position at a new production workshop for Prosoft-Sistemy (OOO) in Yekaterinburg.

    All pieces of the equipment had the shifted centre of gravity, which complicated the operations. A special platform was installed in Zoologicheskaya street to shift the equipment from the workshop into the street through the window. All the works were successfully accomplished within prescribed timelimits. The equipment was delivered to a new site in apparent good order and condition and set to work there.