Heavy components of the press dismantled in Ryazan and assembled in Chelyabinsk

    In September – October 2014 our Company dismantled, turned over, shifted and loaded upper (140 tonnes) and lower (119 tonnes) frames of forging press К8548 (6300 tf) on a vehicle at the production site of Ryazanskaya kuznitsa (Ryazan forge, OOO) in Ryazan, as well as unloaded it from the vehicle, turned over, shifted and set into its final position at the production site of Chelyabinsky kuznechno-pressovy zavod (Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant, OAO) in Chelyabinsk.

    Rigging operations were performed at an operating plant with regard to location of underground utility systems. Several unique operations of turning over the lower and upper frames were carried out; special equipment was used to turn the upper frame (rotary table). All the works were performed within the prescribed time limits without frustration of production plans of the Customer.