Printing machine and laminating machine Rotomec (Italy) installation for “NPO “Kripten” (city of Dubna)

    At the end of July –beginning of August 100tonn-service engineers mounted equipment for “Nauchno-proizvodstvennoe objedinenie “Kripten”, OJSC (city of Dubna, Moscow region). Gravure printing press and laminating machine, manufactured by Rotomec (Italy), were assembled by the gantry system GP125 in two production areas of the customer. Each mounted machine weight ap. 50tons. The installation works were executed under supervision of manufacturing factory technical advisors.

    The works were complicated by low ceiling of the building. It was even not possible to use the gantry side shift system because every single centimeter was very important. At the same moment some units of the equipment were placed on the other with high accuracy. Due to 100tonn-service, technical advisors and the customer joint efforts all the works were accomplished in contract terms.