Relocation of a horizontal forging machine from Pervouralsk to Yekaterinburg

    In the beginning of August 2015 our Company relocated a 80-tonne horizontal forging machine ВБ 1139 from Pervouralsk (Pervouralkiy Mining Equipment Plant) to Yekaterinburg (ZAO Gornye Tekhnologii). The machine was dismantled in Pervouralsk, shifted from the workshop into the street, loaded to a transport vehicle, moved to Yekaterinburg, unloaded and mounted into the pit of a foundation at the site. A hydraulic shifting system and a turntable were used for shifting the equipment into the street after dismantling, as confined conditions did not allow carrying out these works by any other means. A 125-tonne-capacity hydraulic gantry system was used for all loading operations.