Machining centres set to final position

    In January 2017, our Company (100 TONN MONTAZH) accomplished installation works setting two MAG HÜLLER HILLE machining centres (FFG Werke-Drehmaschinen Concern, Germany) to final position within the premises of the Yaroslavsky electric machine-building plant. The vehicle with the machinery was too high for a low flyover in front of the workshop, so it was decided to carry out complex rigging operations with heavy (up to 29 tonnes) parts of the machinery before installation works. Preparation of the machinery for installation was a rather difficult task as the weather was extremely cold (up to minus 29 °С) during the New Year holidays. Good work planning and proper actions of the installation workers allowed us to relocate the machinery to the installation site quickly and accurately. Marking, anchoring and setting the machining centres to final position were performed under normal conditions and in due time.