Straightening machine unloaded, shifted and set on a foundation within the premises of OAO PNTZ (Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant)

    On December 23, 2015 on request from OAO Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant our Company unloaded a 32-tonne straightening machine (REIKA, Germany). A 60-tonne-capacity hydraulic gantry system was used for all the operations.

    Within the period from January 14 to January 15, 2016 our Company shifted the straightening machine and set it on a foundation, and these operations were carried out by means of 80-tonne-capacity rigging trolleys and a 60-tonne-capacity gantry system. Application of the gantry system enabled us to carry out the operations in close vicinity from the assembling site despite low ceilings of the building.