Pod drives unloaded, shifted and installed at Severnaya Verf

    In the end of May 2015 our specialists unloaded, shifted and installed two pod drives at a support ship under construction at Severnaya Verf dockyard in St.Petersburg.

    Thorough engineering of the operations and approved Project for implementation of construction operations allowed us to install each pod drive (total weight of 145 tonnes and dimensions of 7000х4500х8500) under the stern at the height of 10 m over the platform with a required inclination of 7 degrees to longitudinal axis and 1.5 degrees to transverse axis of the ship. 100 holes in the foundation and attachment flange of the pod drives required particular accuracy (+/- 0.5 mm), which was complicated by lack of direct visibility of the coupling flanges. All the works were fulfilled with high quality ahead of schedule.

    As photographic recording is strictly prohibited at military industrial companies, no photos are available for this project.