Filtration station (PAO Severstal) reconstructed in Cherepovets

    In the period from December 8 to December 29, 2015 our Company dismantled 14 vertical water filters (47 tonnes each). Post dismantling old filters, our specialists mounted metal frames and installed new horizontal filters manufactured with application of CMI technology (Groupe International Belge). The operations had to be performed in a confined space, which complicated the process. The filters to be dismantled had to be tilted from their vertical position into a horizontal position, while the filters to be installed had to be rotated to 90 degrees.

    Our specialists managed to accomplish the works within the time frame promised, i.e. 21 days under rather difficult conditions of simultaneous work with several subcontractors. At the previous stage of reconstruction works similar activities were accomplished by another contractor within 3 months. It must be noted that our specialists followed all the strict requirements of safety and health regulations set forth by PAO Severstal. PAO Severstal top management was very pleased with the results of the works and the professionalism, experience and efforts invested by our assembly team and engineers.